Although it isn’t for everyone, the Glamour Modeling industry is a fantastic career path for those that are flirtatious, outgoing and like baring it all! It can be an incredibly rewarding career path – with lots of benefits. If you want to get started in the Glamour Modeling industry the first thing you will need to do is upload your profile to several Glamour Modeling Websites. In this guide we shall look at how you can get yourself an interview with a potential client and what to do once you get to the interview. How do you get an Interview with an Editor? The only way to get an interview with an Editor is to ask! So don’t be shy. Be proactive and phone around different possible magazines or sites and apply to  as many as possible. But learn about the different types of contracts and how to protect yourself.

What to Look For

It is important that you do not just sign a model release or submission contract without reading through it thoroughly first. In particular – establish if it is an exclusive contract – you should always try and get a legal expert to read through it too. After reading the contract – always ask questions. Don’t worry about seeming annoying or picky, because this is a contract that could affect the next year or two of your life and your career. If you are unsure about any of the terms then just ask for them to be clarified.

Check exactly how long the term of the contract is. Exclusive contracts usually last for approximately a year – however some can be for up to 2 years. Non-exclusive contracts are usually shorter in length and can be as little as 6 months up to 1 year. Model release usually give the rights forever. Make sure that you are happy with the length of the agreement – and if not then say something.

Exclusive Contracts

Some Companies require you to sign an exclusive agreement or contract. This means that you can only work for them for the term of the contract– and you can’t shoot with other photographers. You should always be weary of this type of contract – as it can either do you a lot of good or mean you end up with no work. If you sign an exclusive contract you should make sure that they give you something in return. While they cannot guarantee that you will get work – they should include a get-out clause which allows you to terminate the contract should they fail to get you any work in a specific amount of time.

Be careful when signing an exclusive contract with a magazine that does not have a proven record of getting lots of tear sheets for their models. The big Companies that only put the best of the best in their publications are generally more reliable and signing an exclusive contract should not disadvantage you.

The highly-regarded model agencies can justify offering exclusive contracts as they put a lot of time and effort into finding work for their talent. Some smaller agencies will simply put your portfolio on an online website and do very little else, something that you can do yourself and you do not need to sign an exclusive contract with them.

Non-exclusive Contracts

Non-exclusive contracts allow you to work for as many glamour photographers or companies as you like and find your own work independently. These types of contracts are best when the company hasn’t got a fabulous reputation and the chances of finding you work aren’t as high as with one of the better companies. Many people prefer these contracts as it does not restrict you or tie you down in any way. However, while you are allowed to work with others – it is typically frowned upon by others in the industry.

Submission Contracts

There are certain things that you need to look for in a submission contract before you sign it. Some glamour photographers can take up to 50 percent from your wages. However, many photographers will not take any commission from you– they simply make their money from the Company who will pay the photographer for finding them talent for their productions.

Model Release

If you are hired by a company or glamour photographer and you’re getting paid for your performance as a model, you should sign a model release. But a Model Release must specify the photographer information, your information, the date of the shooting, the amount paid and what style was paid for (parts, lingerie, implied, nude, full nude, explicit nude, adult perform, etc), the duration of the agreement (usually forever) and the use of the images. If you’re getting paid in full it is at the sole discretion of the photographer whether or not they will give you copies of the images for your port. If you’re getting paid partly in cash and partly in images for your port/website make sure it is specified in the contract. And if you are paying the photographer you need a photographer print release signed by the artist.

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